Thursday, March 06, 2008

Team India 2.0

India have won the Commonwealth Bank series by comprehensively outplaying Australia in both games of the finals series – beating the top ranked team in the world in their own backyard. What is more they have completed their victories in a thoroughly professional manner putting to rest all the demons and controversy off the field.

Actions speak louder than words and in the end it was this young Indian side led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni that let their bats and the ball do all the talking – in fact the ball really talked in the hands of Praveen Kumar and Ishant Sharma.

A fairytale ending to the series for a young Indian side missing it’s superstars – barring Tendulkar, written off before the series even began and coming back to stun the World Champions and not only win but do so with style. Less than six months ago, this young Indian team was lifting aloft the World Twenty-20 final – which spurred amongst other things the Indian Premier League but more importantly a new era in Indian cricket.

Kudos to the players and coaching staff – but also to the selectors for retaining their faith in youth and moving forward with the transition to a core team for the next world cup. Indian cricket looks to be in good hands with no shortage of players having also just won the Under-19 World Cup in Malaysia.

But with Indian cricket, one never knows – for there are countless players who burst onto the world cricket stage only to disappear out of even state cricket into retirement and beyond…never to return.
Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of the end.


Aditya Prateek Anand said...

It has been an exhilarating season. Let's hope the Indian team spirit remains high and we see many more good results.

Richard said...

Hi Prasanna and Aditya,

It has been a great season of cricket, especially India and Australia contest. India deserve
to win one day compettion, and some young bowlers for India came to the party. India has so much talented players out there, and when Dravid, Tendulkar, Sehwag, Kumbli and Ganguly call it a day,
there is enough good players coming through the ranks. A little
tierd, but will keep posting my comments. cheers Richard

monty said...

i dont know i mean how many would suffer the Noel David Syndrome, remember Hero Cup 1993 where india had a awesome all rounder called Noel David, no you havent, exactly. There have been many promosing playes who have done very well but have suffered theND Syndome. They play a season and they play amazingly and poof thats it no one hears from them again. " Retun to sender, para para pa raaa, address unknown ". Lets see how well this 2.0 sstick before india down grades its firmware to BETA .

Prasanna said...

Good old Noel David... a product of India's convoluted policy of let's pick one bowler of every type and hopefully one of them will find the pitch favourable. The only hope in this side is that there have been some consistent performers... the question is with their new found stardom will their egos become bigger than their game - it certsinly seems to be the case for one Yuvraj Singh.